Voodoo Raises $1.4 Million for High Volume Printing Cluster

Published by , January 31, 2017 11:24 am

(TechCrunch)  Voodoo Manufacturing has raised $1.4 million from Y Combinator and KPCB Edge. Voodoo Manufacturing mass produces 3D printed parts by connecting multiple printers at once. They have 1,200 customers including Mattell, VH1, and Microsoft.
“Voodoo is the only high-volume 3D printing provider that we know of. Instead of focusing on low volumes of high-value parts like prototypes or jet-engine components, we are making ‘everyday’ plastic parts,” said Max Friefeld, one of the original three founders–all from Makerbot. “We use a 160 printer cluster of regular desktop 3D printers and control them with software that we write in-house to produce parts. By number, this is the largest cluster of printers in US, possibly the world, and they are all co-located so that we can ensure the best prices with top quality and consistency for our customers.”

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