VHM Fonderie Turns to Stratasys to 3D Print Models for Sand Casting Molds

Published by , December 30, 2016 1:36 am

(Foundry-Planet)  VHM Fonderie (formerly Heinrich Fonderie) specializes in the production of industrial iron castings using a traditional sand casting process. VHM Fonderie turned to Stratasys to help the company with the production of functional prototypes, master models for sand casting, manufacturing tools, as well as the 3D printing of spare parts. Stratasys provided VHM with its Connex Multi-material 3D Printer to tackle the job.
“To manufacture an object using the sand casting process, we need to first produce a master model of the specific part,” said Laurent Poux, Industrial Director, VHM Group. “This is then used to make a mold, from which the desired object itself is then manufactured. In the context of the end-to-end manufacturing workflow, the level of time-saving enjoyed with 3D printing isn’t merely improvement or progression – it’s transformational.”

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