Ultrasonic ‘Printer’ to Use Lasers and High-Frequency Sound to Assemble Electronics

Published by , June 30, 2017 12:39 pm

(DigitalTrends)  Neurotechnology, a Lithuanian software development company, wants to rethink 3D printing using ultrasonic particle manipulation.
“The apparatus uses an array of ultrasonic transducers that emit ultrasonic waves,” says lead researcher Osvaldas Putkis. “By having individual control of each transducer, it is possible to create desired pressure profiles that can trap, rotate and move particles and components without touch. The non-contact nature of ultrasonic manipulation offers a few important advantages when compared to mechanical handling. It can handle a wide range of materials having very different mechanical properties, from plastics and metals down to even liquids. It can [also] handle sensitive materials and small components, avoiding the parasitic electrostatic forces.”

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