Ultimaker Launches Core Lessons for STEAM Educators

Published by , April 13, 2018 9:20 am

(Ultimaker)  Ultimaker has announced the launch of the Ultimaker Core Lessons: STEAM Set, which includes eight free lessons for STEAM educators based on feedback and guidance from the company’s North American educators and partners. This set, joining scores of 3D printing projects, resources, and education stories already published to the Ultimaker Pioneer Education pages, will now be a place for all new Ultimaker educators to get ideas and prepare onboarding experiences for themselves and their students.
Educators teach K12, Higher Ed, or work in an informal learning environment, integrating 3D printing into their teaching practice using the Ultimaker Core Lessons: STEAM Set will help them meet educational objectives such as:
-Encourage students to be more responsible for their own learning outcomes, or put another way, support personal student exploration in the pursuit of a learning objective.
-Provide powerful learning aids, like Design Thinking techniques.
-Build cooperative learning opportunities.
-Build resiliency by taking advantage of rapid prototyping and testing techniques.
=Develop communication skills through continuous documentation and sharing.
The recommended age range for participants for these beginner lessons is 10+.

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