Twelve Ultimaker 3D Printers Available to Innovators in ‘New Lab’ at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Published by , September 14, 2018 12:44 pm

( New Lab offers a fresh take on what it means to bring people and companies together to work under one large roof. Extending over 84,000 square feet in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard, New Lab is home to over 100 member companies, including more than 500 designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, executives, and product realization specialists. 3D printing technologies play a unique role for New Lab member hardware companies, as flexible, general-purpose fabrication solutions that can cross the digital divide from design files to tangible models of physical products. As a result, 3D printers are often central to the design iteration process for New Lab companies, promoting communication, field-testing, and creativity at each step of the prototyping phase
“When Ultimaker joined New Lab as a member company, we brought with us a fleet of our latest-model professional desktop 3D printers and hundreds of spools of free filament that we made available for members to use with full 24-hour access at no charge for the first year and a half,” says Matt Griffin, Ultimaker’s Director of Community for North America. Today, New Lab’s 3D Printing Lab features twelve Ultimaker 3D printers for community use, fully-integrated into the member services available throughout the building. With these printers readily available to reserve day or night, the possibility for innovation doesn’t punch out.

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