TRUMPF’s TruPrint 5000 3D-Prints High-Carbon Steel & Titanium Alloy Parts that Won’t Crack or Warp

Published by , November 20, 2018 12:16 pm

(TCTMagazine) TRUMPF’s latest 3D printer, the TruPrint 5000 can be preheated to 500 degrees celsius to print high-carbon steel or titanium alloy components that don’t crack or warp. By preheating the substrate plate, tool and mould makers can easily print forming tools, punches and dies which would have previously been impossible
“The laser beam melts the component surface, which subsequently cools back down to room temperature. The components weren’t able to withstand this temperature drop, and cracks formed,” Tobias Baur, TRUMPF General Manager Additive Manufacturing said. “The material quality and surface of carbon steels are significantly better than without preheating, preventing fractures in the components.”

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