Titan Robotics Introduces Massive Multi-Gantry 3D Printer Co-Developed with Autodesk and Netfabb

Published by , January 13, 2017 12:28 am

(3Ders.org) Titan Robotics has introduced the Cronus, a multi-gantry FFF 3D printer that can be fitted with multiple tool heads. The Cronus uses multi-head 3D printing technology from Autodesk and Netfabb, and is available in both open and closed versions.
While having extra print heads can theoretically enable larger and faster printing, the technology also has its obvious pitfalls, namely increased chances of misalignment and error. According to Titan Robotics, however, multi-head 3D printing technology from Autodesk and Netfabb “intelligently distributes tool paths between multiple print heads” that are working in unison on the Cronus, helping to ensure that the multiple nozzles are always working in perfect synchronicity.

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