The Digital Factory Offers Real 3D-Production Manufacturing

Published by , October 9, 2018 1:02 pm

(IndustryWeek) Now the 3D printing industry offers real 3D production manufacturing, thanks to the arrival of the Digital Factory. For 30 years 3D printing offered the opportunity to insert digital processes into manufacturing workflows. The Digital Factory aligns goals, processes, and systems in a digital workflow – resulting in shorter time to market, increased quality, and lower total cost of operation. The reworking of goals, processes, and systems into a digital workflow offers a new industrial paradigm, an all-digital synergistic workflow for competitive disruption and increased profitability.
The Digital Factory clears the way for decreased reliance on tooling. As manufacturers start to realize the time and cost savings, digital production methods will lead to lower spending on production and storage of tooling and increased use of CAD data. Costs will drop as bottom-line figures improve, driving profitability from within the factory.

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