Terry Wohlers’ Keynote at San Diego’s Inside3DPrinting Forecasts Growth in Desktop 3D Printer Revenues

Published by , December 16, 2016 1:06 pm

(3DPrint.com) Now celebrating the company’s 30 years and 21 years with the Wohlers Report, Terry Wohlers acknowledged in his keynote a long history in 3D printing as well as the Inside 3D Printing conferences that have created a place for the industry to expand market opportunities.
The Wohlers Report suggested that in 2015, 278,385 desktop units sold, compared to 12,558 industrial machines. The big piece of the pie (about 80%) in value sales comes of course from the higher-priced industrial machines, though Wohlers noted the inevitability of growth in percentage of desktop revenues. This certainly led to the question of how many companies are involved in the desktop segment, with Wohlers noting — amidst guesses from the audience ranging from 37 to 1,000 — that, in fact, nobody knows currently.