‘Sweet Your Words’ Custom 3D-Prints Chocolates with Customer’s Words & Designs

Published by , March 13, 2018 1:57 pm

(3DPrint.com) Las Vegas-based Sweet Your Words offers 3D-printed chocolate in the words of your choice with artful designs.
Customers either send the company a prepared image or logo, or consult with a designer to come up with a concept. When a final design is decided on, it’s 3D printed in ethically traded, high-quality Belgian chocolate – white, milk or dark. The company also offers a “Spectrum Series” of bright pastel colors; there’s even an option to have the chocolate gilded or finished in another metallic tone. Two packaging options are available: “Beautifully Boxed,” in a windowed package that makes for a good gift or display, or “Wrapped and Ready,” for customers who want a bulk supply.

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