Service King Using 3D Printing to Repair Bumper Tabs

Published by , July 7, 2017 12:36 pm

(RepairerDrivenNews) Service King is using 3D printing to generate replacement tabs and repair small gouges to bumper fascias in what it says begun as a experiment but has since expanded to the Phoenix, Dallas and Seattle markets. The company first experimented with its own discarded bumpers and then attempted it on a customer’s vehicle.
Though bumper tabs are “getting thinner and thinner” because of lightweighting, Service King was able to successfully print and attach a replacement. Eventually, Service King built up a library of unique pieces, which improved its ability to repair parts by “several percentage points.” The company foresees a day where a technician could just select a part on a file-sharing system, print it remotely, and have it drop-shipped to the store.

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