Russian & French Firms Discuss Opportunities for AM Technologies in Nuclear Power

Published by , November 2, 2018 1:43 pm

(WorldNuclearNews) Russian and French nuclear power companies recently discussed new business opportunities in additive technologies. The discussion was hosted by Rusatom – Additive Technologies (RusAT), which was formed in February by Russian nuclear fuel manufacturer TVEL to manage the development of additive manufacturing technologies at Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom.
TVEL said RusAT will focus on four key areas: manufacturing of 3D printers and their components; production of materials and metal powders for 3D printing; software development for additive systems and services; and rendering 3D printing services and introduction of additive manufacturing technologies at industrial enterprises. Rosatom said in July last year it planned to develop an additive technologies business, creating industrial 3D printers that print in metal, and developing nuclear batteries.

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