Room-Size 3D Printed Zeotrope Exhibit Opens in London Gallery

Published by , April 25, 2017 11:43 am

( UK artist Mat Collishaw’s new 3D printed zoetrope “The Centrifugal Soul,” an enormous device covered in dozens of 3D printed birds and flowers, is now on display at Blain|Southern in London. With into 18 frames spinning at 60 rotations per minute, the one-second loop appears to come magically to life under the strobe lights, complete with birds flapping their wings and flowers blooming.
Collishaw created his first 3D printed zoetrope back in 2015: a stunning recreation of Rubens’ famous painting “Massacre of the Innocents.” The artist has continued creating by way of additive manufacturing. “I’m not really a tech person at all,” Collishaw says. “I’m fumbling my way through in the dark, so I need a lot of advice.”

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