Researchers Create 3D Bioprinting Material for Cartilage Implants

Published by , May 19, 2017 11:51 am

(DigitalTrends)  Researchers from Duke University have created a new type of 3D bioprinting material they hope will one day be able to help form cartilage implants for patients with damaged knees. The team members have demonstrated the feasibility of the 3D-printed material using a plastic knee model. In their demo, they scanned this model and then used their double-network hydrogel material to create a 3D model of the menisci. The process took just one day to complete.
“We’ve developed the first 3D-printable hydrogel that surpasses both the compression strength and elasticity of cartilage,” Feichen Yang, a researcher on the project, told Digital Trends. “This high strength makes it a good candidate for meniscus replacement.”

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