Purdue Collaborative Robotics Lab Working to Develop 3D-Printer for Printing Smart Objects

Published by , September 28, 2018 11:37 am

(3Ders.org) Researchers at Purdue Polytechnic Institute and the College of Engineering faculty are working to develop a multi-functional 3D printer that could eventually let people print out “smart” objects, including entire cellphones. “We are synthesizing new materials that we can print in 3D that embody sensing and computation as well as structure,” said professor Richard Voyles, head of Purdue’s Collaborative Robotics Lab.
“These are the precursors we want to explore while we’re developing this next generation ‘form-plus-function’ printer,” Voyles said. Their work could enable entirely new areas of discovery in the fields of smart materials and the basic polymer science of active materials, among others.

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