Precise Bio Announces Business Unit to Advance Bio-Printed Tissues in Ophthalmology

Published by , October 30, 2018 1:45 pm

( Precise Bio is the first company to 3D bio-print a human cell-based cornea graft and transplant it to an animal. Results of the initial study support the feasibility, safety and efficacy of Precise Bio’s novel technologies and establish a foundation for future development and progress toward human trials. Precise Bio, a North Carolina based Regenerative Medicine company, has now announced the launch of a dedicated ophthalmology business unit in its Winston-Salem facility.
“. . .we are uniquely positioned to advance the use of bio-printed tissues in ophthalmology,” said Aryeh Batt, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Precise Bio. “Establishing a business unit dedicated to realizing this potential will support our future financing strategies and ensure that our financial resources are aligned with the tremendous power of our technology and intellectual property in a market with an estimated cumulative value of $10 billion.”

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