Police Departments Using 3D Printing to Solve Crimes

Published by , February 13, 2018 2:19 pm

(PoliceOne.com) 3D printing is being used to help law enforcement agencies recreate detailed models of crime scenes, car crashes, footprints and fingerprints, as well as making architectural models for planning raids and for courtroom use. Although illegal uses of 3D printing could be substantial, this disruptive technology can help solve crimes and convict perpetrators. Governments, law enforcement agencies and homeland security must learn the risks of 3D printing, plan accordingly, and use the technology to help prevent or solve crimes.
Some law enforcement agencies, such as the UK’s West Yorkshire Police, are installing their own 3D printers to help solve crimes and to prosecute offenders. As the agency’s Crime Scene Surveying Supervisor, Daniel Sharp, said, the 3D printer enables “the judge and jury to hold the crime scene in their hands.” A Florida company, 3D Printed Evidence, offers such services to the law enforcement community, converting data from MRIs, CT scans and 3D scanners into physical models.

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