Pilot Programs Underway for HP’s Metal Jet Technology

Published by , September 14, 2018 12:43 pm

(NewAtlas.com) HP’s Metal Jet technology is 50 times faster and significantly cheaper than existing methods, and pilot programs are already underway. HP’s Metal Jet printers use layers of fine metal powder, sprayed in precise patterns with binding agents by a print head that passes over from side to side. A second vertical head spreads the next layer of powder in between passes, so the binder head can operate in both directions.
HP is timetabling the Metal Jet roadmap in stages. Right now, it’s already operational in two pilot programs. Metal injection molding specialist Parmatech is using it to produce medical equipment like surgical scissors and endoscopic surgical jaws, and GKN Powder Metallurgy is producing parts for automotive and industrial giants like Volkswagen and Wilo.

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