Patent Researcher Reports 3D Printing Industry the Second Fastest Growing Area of Technology in 2017

Published by , January 12, 2018 12:51 pm

(3DPrintingIndustry) IFI CLAIMS Patent Services new report indicated 3D printing is the second fastest growing area of technology in 2017. The report covers the enterprises, technologies and countries with the most patents. For 2017, over 320,000 patents were granted – an increase of 5.2% on the previous year and a new record.
The only technology with a higher 5 year growth rate was e-Cigarettes at 45%. Machine Learning took third place at 34%, Autonomous Vehicles had a 27% CAGR, Moulding Materials 27%, Hybrid Vehicles 26%, Aerial Drones also 26% and Food at 24% was the 8th fastest growing technology by patent.

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