Ortho Baltic Uses Multi-Sensor to Inspect Quality of Its 3D-Printed Hip Implant Surfaces & U Screw Holes

Published by , August 8, 2017 2:34 am

(TCTMagazine) A Lithuanian healthcare company, Ortho Baltic, has leveraged the metrology scanning solutions of Nikon Metrology to produce patient-specific hip implants. Ortho Baltic uses AM to produce patient-specific implants, endopirostheses and surgical guides. The company uses a multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine (CMM), which includes a laser scanner in conjunction with a micro-CT (computed tomography) system, all supplied by its partner, Nikon Metrology.
With the ALTERA CMM, which boasts a LC15Dx laser scanner, Ortho Baltic can inspect the quality of 3D printed implant surfaces and screw holes in quick time. Meanwhile, the XT H 225 CT is used to assure the quality of the internal structures, as well as the correlation of geometry between CAD implant model and the manufactured part.