Oberle-Gesunde Schule Turns to 3D-Printed Shoes to Create ‘Healthy Shoes’

Published by , August 1, 2017 10:35 am

(3DShoes.com) German Oberle-Gesunde Schuhe has turned to 3D printed shoes in an attempt to keep up with modern shoe companies. They want to better create specialty “healthy shoes” to provide to future customers. The company has been specializing in this area since 2006 and developed a recognized leadership in orthopedic footwear technology. Using their in-house X350pro 3D printer the company is getting an advantage over some of their competition.
Oberle – Gesunde Schuhe is focused on helping customers stay on their feet with a perfect fit. They use posture analysis to measure the way an individual holds their body and walking analysis to measure movement. The company has actually been including 3D technologies for a while now to ensure customization solutions.

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