NY Increasing Buffalo Manufacturing Center’s Funding and Role

Published by , February 28, 2017 12:06 am

(BuffaloNews)  The original Buffalo Billion manufacturing center opened with $45 million in state funds and has been focused on helping companies understand how new technologies – especially 3-D printing and robotics – can help them become more productive and competitive. A proposed second phase would pump another $35 million into the facility.
That’s especially needed for small- and mid-sized manufacturers, who often can’t afford to devote scarce resources to tracking down and trying out new technology. One of the Buffalo Manufacturing Works main services is to work with those manufacturers to help them understand how new technology can help them and allow them to test those ideas out on the center’s cutting-edge equipment. Buffalo Manufacturing Works could be headed to a new home – and a bigger role in helping the region’s companies become more innovative and more productive.

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