NVBOTS Begins Exporting 3D Printer NVPro Shipping to Japan and China

Published by , July 11, 2017 12:33 pm

(PRNewswire)  New Valence Robotics (NVBOTS) announced that it has begun exporting internationally its landmark automated 3D printer, the NVPro, to customers in Japan and China. The NVPro was designed for reliability by a team of MIT precision engineers and is manufactured in America. “We are excited to apply innovative thinking and incorporate the NVPro 3D printing into our daily work,” said Mutsu Tanimoto, Executive Director of Daiwa Steel Tube Industries Company, Ltd, Japan.
Customers in Asia are looking to the NVPro as their additive manufacturing solution of choice because of its patented automated part ejection capability and integration with NVCloud, the only 3D printing management solution to seamlessly connect any number of users to any number of automated 3D printers. Leveraging this capability gives companies the ability to take 3D printing from the lab to the factory floor and manage all of their NVCloud-connected 3D printers globally from any device, anywhere in the world — giving them factory control and management at their fingertips.

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