Nidek Using 3D Printing to Identify Issues with Patient’s Eyes

Published by , June 9, 2017 2:11 pm

(StratasysBlog) Nidek Technologies is using 3D printing to identify issues with the eye as well as improve the durability of their tools. Their Gonioscope, a device designed to observe the space between the iris and cornea, has started using 3D printed parts in their prototyping phase.
“Our prototyping process has become much more streamlined since incorporating Stratasys 3D printing into our workflow,” says Cesare Tanassi, CEO at Nidek Technologies. “The technology enables us to develop complex parts with intricate geometries on-demand. The ability to validate designs early in the product development cycle helps us eliminate costly iterations during manufacturing, as well as significantly reducing our time-to-market compared to traditional prototyping methods.”

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