Next-Generation 3D Printers Coupled with Robotic Arms Opening Up Large Scale Manufacture

Published by , March 3, 2017 12:57 pm

(RoboHub) The next-generation of 3D printing machines with robotic arms are opening up to large-scale industrial sectors such as housebuilding and car parts manufacture.
‘We want to use the best of both technologies,’ said Jose Antonio Dieste, from Spanish technology centre AITIIP. ‘Additive manufacturing has some problems, one is the accuracy for large parts, another is the quality of the finishing. We are trying to complement this additive with subtractive in order to improve the performance. We are going to work on medium and large components,’ he said. ‘[Now] additive machines are working on quite small parts, half a metre maximum. We are going to be able to build 24-metre-long parts.’

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