NanoEngineering Researchers Create 3D-Printed Nano-Sized, Robotic Fish

Published by , August 28, 2015 11:20 am

(Forex Report Daily) — Professors Shaochen Chen and Joseph Wang of the NanoEngineering Department at UC San Diego have created nano-sized fish out of materials that can react to their environment, allowing them to “swim” in various liquids. The tiny robotic swimmers are powered by hydrogen peroxide and controlled using magnets. Nanoengineers were able to easily add functional nanoparticles into certain parts of the microfish bodies.

The production of the nano-sized fish relies on a new manufacturing method called called microscale continuous optical printing (or μCOP), which has been developed by Chen’s team. Researchers were able to monitor the microfish’s detoxification ability by observing the intensity of their red glow, since the PDA nanoparticles become fluorescent and emit a red-colored light when they bind with toxin molecules. The experiment exhibits how the microfish can doubly function cleansing methods and as toxin sensors.

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