Nano Dimension Developing Advanced 3D Printed Ceramics

Published by , February 7, 2017 12:06 pm

(  Nano Dimension Ltd. has announced that its subsidiary, Nano Dimension Technologies Ltd., will be developing advanced ceramic materials that can be 3D printed using inkjet technology. The new project is being supported by the MEIMAD committee from the Israel Innovation Authority, which has approved a budget of NIS 1.4 million (roughly $372,000). According to Nano Dimension Ltd., the Israel Innovation Authority will finance 50% of the aforementioned budget to support the project, money that will be paid back by Nano Dimension through royalties on future sales.
The company explained its 3D printing technology, which already allows for precise multi-material additive manufacturing, “has the potential to create the next generation of ceramic elements for the aerospace and aviation sectors.” Advanced ceramic materials, which possess a number of advantageous properties, are sought-after materials within the aerospace and aviation manufacturing sectors.

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