MTU Research Indicates 3D-Printed Games and Toys Can Save Consumers Millions of Dollars

Published by , July 25, 2017 2:30 pm

(3DPrintingIndustry)  Michigan Technological University’s Joshua Pearce’s new study indicates that 3D printing is already impacting the toys and games market. Further, 3D-Printed toys and games can save consumers millions of dollars in the future.
The research evaluated the quality and cost of 3D printing free object designs from MyMindFactory in comparison to similar consumer products. The researchers used an FDM 3D printer with a number of different filaments to determine the different possible costs and qualities. The researchers 3D printed six common complex toys, comparable Lego blocks and open source board games. The team found each filament saved the user on average over 75% on the cost of commercially available alternatives.

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