MIT’s Digital Construction Platform is Safer, Faster and More Precise than Manual Construction

Published by , April 28, 2017 11:11 am

(  MIT, and its materials science and design Mediated Matter group, recently created a large, autonomous robot that constructed an igloo-like building half the diameter of the dome in the US Capitol in less than a day. Such use of autonomous 3D printing in construction boosts efficiency and building strength, since it only puts material down where it’s needed, and it’s also safer, faster, and more precise than manual construction methods,
MIT’s Digital Construction Platform (DCP) is an experimental enabling technology for large-scale digital manufacturing, and is made up of a large, hydraulic arm on top of motorized treads. The research team integrated a mobile, easily customizable mechanical arm. Robotic arm systems are quicker to set up, promise greater task flexibility and expandable workspaces, and can be more easily implemented with current construction methods. In order to manufacture more complex shapes, the decision was also made to have the DCP print buildings by layers.

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