Millionth Desktop 3D Printer Sold

Published by , December 8, 2017 12:31 pm

(  The millionth desktop 3D printer was sold in the Netherlands at Eindhoven-based 3D printing retailer Lay3rs on December 6. The milestone machine is a FELIX Tec 4 3D printer from FELIXprinters, purchased by Vera de Pont, a Dutch designer specializing in fashion tech.
“The Millionth Desktop 3D Printer is a huge milestone for the 3D printing industry,” Lay3rs owner Albert Falck said.
“The desktop 3D printing industry is only around ten years old today and to have across, so relatively few years have already sold a million machines is astonishing. People such as Vera are using this technology to as small businesses compete at the very edge of new technology, this is just one of the things that is 3D printing fact, not 3D printing hype.”

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