LINK3D Aims to Link Industrial AM Machines with Material Options at Service Bureaus

Published by , August 8, 2017 2:32 am

(IndustryWeek) Shane Fox is the founder or LINK3D, a numeronym, of sorts, that appears to spell linked and is pronounced link 3-D. LINK3D aims to link (pun not intended) engineers with manufacturers around the globe for exact design specifications, reducing those initial searches from weeks or days to minutes, and helping everybody run at maximum capacity. As more and more engineers and manufacturers outsource at least some of their additive manufacturing, more and more companies like LINK3D are popping up on the landscape.
Fox wants LINK3D to differentiate itself by focusing exclusively on industry. The company can link engineers and manufacturers from about a dozen different industries to 850 or so industrial-grade additive manufacturing machines and more than 230 unique material options at more than 160 service bureaus in 31 countries.

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