Leopoly Links 3D Printing and VR

Published by , December 16, 2016 1:06 pm

(Leopoly.com) Leopoly, the 3D software company, launched its already popular browser based digital design tools in VR, at the Frontier Tech Show Conference and Expo. Leopoly showcased the consumer focused ShapeLab application and many other customized VR solutions for businesses, 3D printing, retail, health care, toy and interior design industries: wherever customizing a product in the VR space is fun and useful.
“Virtual Reality enables us to view, feel and experience places, items and products as if they were real. Where else could product customization add more value than in VR? There is no extra cost, only creativity sets the limit! VR needs more interaction, not only passive experiences. Content creation is one of the most exciting things about it,” explained Roland Manyai CEO.