Law Enforcement and 3D Printing

Published by , February 28, 2017 12:05 am

(Corrections) 3D printing is being used to help law enforcement, by recreating crime scenes and accidents, footprints and fingerprints, and for making detailed models for planning raids and for courtroom use. However, as with many technologies, 3D printing can be misused. Governments, law enforcement agencies, and homeland security must assess the risks from the dark side of 3D printing and plan accordingly.
Texas law student, Cody Wilson, made headlines in 2013 by 3D printing a plastic gun and posting the blueprints on the Internet. 3D printed weapons need not be guns in the traditional sense, but may be just as dangerous. A plasma railgun was made by an anonymous Imgur user known as NSA_Listbot, who used a 3D printer and commonly available parts to make a handheld electromagnetic projectile launcher.

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