Johnson & Johnson 3D Printing Center of Excellence Outlines Advantages of Customized Implants

Published by , October 17, 2017 12:23 pm

(BusinessInsider) Sam Onukuri, head of Johnson & Johnson’s 3D Printing Center of Excellence, recently acknowledged the advantages of customized knee implants and instruments that are developed based on a CT or MRI scan of a patient’s anatomy.
In an interview generally discussing the advantages of additive manufacturing published in GE Reports by General Electric (GE) and in an “Employee Spotlight” article published by Johnson & Johnson, Onukuri noted the potential advantages of customized knee implants that may reduce both “pain and the recuperation time” compared to traditional off-the-shelf implant systems that come in a limited range of sizes. “Physicians make every effort to find the implant that fits best,” Onukuri says. “But it’s never a perfect match, and the same is true for the tools. As a result, the surgery takes longer — and so can healing and recovery — and the fit may not be perfect.” On the other hand, Onukuri noted that “customized solutions” based on patient CT or MRI scans “can achieve an exact fit for the joint.”

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