Italian Jewelry Manufacturer Leading the Way for 3D-Printed Precious Metals

Published by , June 13, 2017 12:51 pm

(TCTMagazine) Italian jewelry manufacturer, B.M.C. announced it will leverage a metal additive manufacturing machine developed by Cooksongold and EOS to offer a complete 3D-printed precious metal service. B.M.C believes by partnering with Cooksongold, and utilizing the PRECIOUS M 080 system, it can lead the way in Italy’s 3D printed precious metal sector.
A Direct Precious Metal 3D printing platform, designed specifically for the production of jewelry and precious metals, was jointly optimised by Cooksongold and EOS, and launched in September 2014. The system expands upon the technology created by EOS to provide jewelry makers with the power and freedom to create complex jewelry in a matter of hours.

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