Industrial-Sized Mille 3D Printer Housed in Shipping Container Is Launched

Published by , January 10, 2017 2:47 am

(  Mille, an industrial-sized 3D printer and mill housed within a shipping container has been launched for use in construction, disaster relief, aerospace, and more.
Billed by Millebot as a “factory of the future” concept, the Mille 3D printer gives users on-demand additive and subtractive manufacturing capabilities, thanks to its multi-head fabrication tool that can both print and mill. Using a proprietary clay material that is self-curing and hardens on demand (or other materials, such as a sand mixture or a recycled glass and plastic mix), the Mille 3D printer can create objects and structures that are purportedly three-five times harder than cement or red brick.

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