Humanetics 3D-Prints Test Dummy of Prototypical Grandmother for Vehicle Crash Tests

Published by , May 25, 2018 11:31 am

(Forbes) Humanetics, the company that designs, develops and builds virtually every test dummy in the world, has 3D-printed a body-double for grandmothers. The world’s first elderly dummy represents a technological advancement: she is the first anthropomorphic test device (ATD) developed using additive manufacturing. The entire torso, from the pelvis to the head assembly, was 3D-printed using new materials and techniques.
The 3D-printed parts cost about the same as the steel ones but they are three times more durable and can be made more quickly. Manufacturing a set of test dummy ribs conventionally used to take two to three weeks. Now they can print a single rib in 24 hours and a full set in a week. Humanetics has also found it can save 40 percent to 60 percent in assembly and labor costs by 3D-printing molds for complex components rather than producing them from machined steel.

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