Hod Lipson’s Opening Keynote Reviews Past 25 Years and Looks to Next 25 Years

Published by , December 16, 2016 1:30 pm

(3DPrint.com) Hod Lipson presented the opening keynote “3D Printing: The Next 25 Years” at Frontier Tech’s Inside3D Printing conference December 14 in San Diego. Lipson began with a look 25 years back into 3D printing’s history. “I like to see where things are going and what patterns emerge in where they are going,” he began. Lipson pointed out there was a major inflection point around 2005, when smaller-scale 3D printers first began to appear on the scene, from Fab@Home and RepRap. “They didn’t disrupt the big technologies, they just made it more accessible,” he said.
A significant contemporary focus has been in metal technologies, as Lipson explained, “Just like we’ve seen the market shakeout in plastic printers, we’re going to see that next in metal printing. We’re seeing a new wave of metal printers that is going to disrupt the industry — not so much taking away the business of established businesses but creating an even larger pie. There are many companies that want to use metal printing but can’t afford it, they are waiting on the sidelines.”
Lipson spoke of patterns emerging for the future . Lipson concluded by noting that industrial revolutions are “all about going back to zero” and that that is when this way of manufacturing will have truly reached maturity and market acceptance.