Higher Education Finding More and More Applications of 3D Printing in Programs

Published by , May 5, 2017 8:14 am

(EdTechMagazine) 3D printing labs were little more than a novelty just a few years ago in education, but today they’re becoming a fixture at colleges and universities around the country. The FabLab for New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology’s (FIT) was originally created for the toy design program which planned to incorporate 3D printing into its curriculum. But since the lab opened a few years ago with two 3D printers and a laser-equipped cutting tool, numerous other departments have found uses for it too.
Jana Duda, the technology resources manager at FIT’s Gladys Marcus Library, have been impressed by students’ innovative work in the fledgling 3D printing lab. “We keep adding new printers as we identify student needs,” Duda says. “Now we’re at the point where we could use more room.”

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