GF Machining & 3D Systems Announce Partnership of 3D Printing & Precision Machining

Published by , August 10, 2018 1:21 pm

(  Georg Fisher (GF) Machining Solutions, a provider of solutions to the precision machining industry and to manufacturers of precision components announced that it would be partnering with 3D Systems to deliver a combined solution featuring both additive and subtractive manufacturing technologies. By combining 3D printing and precision machining, the two companies will enable manufacturers to more efficiently produce complex metal parts within tight tolerances while reducing the total cost of operation.
The integrated solutions developed by the partnership will include software for enhanced part design, 3D printers, materials and automated material handling, electrical discharge machining (EDM), milling equipment and advanced post-processing technologies. According to the new partners, the solutions should lead to improved existing products, new designs, new business models and new markets.