Gartner’s Annual Predictions About 3D Printing Now Published

Published by , January 3, 2017 4:49 am

(GartnerBlog) Gartner’s annual predictions about the future of 3D printing have been published. Key findings indicate 3DP is now starting to press into manufacturing operations that require quick-to-market builds, unique design requirements and even low-volume production runs. Already, there are several other developments that are precursors for future developments. Recent concepts in the news include:
By 2020, 10% of industrial operations will incorporate robotic 3D printers in their manufacturing processes.
By 2020, 30% of internal medical devices/implants will be 3D printed at or near healthcare facilities.
By 2020, 3D printing will reduce new product introduction timelines by 25%.
By 2020, 75% of manufacturing operations worldwide will be using 3D-printed tools, jigs and fixtures made in-house or by a service bureau to produce finished goods.

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