Frontier Tech Showdown Announces Co-Winners Obsess and ILLUSIO Imaging

Published by , December 16, 2016 1:03 pm

( Eight companies competed in the Frontier Tech Showdown in San Diego December 14 to vie for $15,000 uncapped SAFE awarded by Asimov Ventures. Two winners were declared by Asimov Ventures December 15 after deliberation overnight by the judging panel. “The level of competitors was so high we had to announce two co-winners after this unprecedented level of competition,” Tyler Benster explained. “In any other year, any of yesterday’s presenters could easily have been a winner.”
ILLUSION Imaging received its award for the world’s first augmented reality solution for breast augmentation using a “virtual mirror” technology. Ethan Winner, the CEO and Co-Founder of ILLUSIO Imaging explained how technology will bring AR and a virtual image into the real world, placing a 3D virtual breast image on a patient during a consult. Winner pointed out another major market is plastic surgery in which breast augmentation is a booming business with about a $2.5 billion market in the US alone.
Obsess, a VR shopping platform for fashion was the second co-winner. Presented by Neha Singh, Founder and CEO of Obsess, she noted that luxury fashion is sold in the same interface as is toothpaste, and that these platforms do not cater to how women shop. Obsess seeks to replace utilitarian shopping experiences with a “beautiful, immersive, interactive” experience. Singh presented several use cases highlighting the sensory shopping experience Obsess seeks to make available via VR. She noted that fashion brands could benefit as well from 360 degree advertising experiences.