Fraunhofer’s ‘Go Beyond 4.0’ Tests Viability of CAD Models Before 3D Printing

Published by , April 4, 2017 12:07 pm

(3DPrintingIndustry)  Fraunhofer’s “Go Beyond 4.0” concept tests the viability of CAD models before they reach the 3D printer. It facilitates the opportunity for mass customization in 3D printing – where a customer applies their design preferences on a base object such as a coffee cup, or a pair of sneakers.
Fraunhofer’s Christian Altenhofen explained, “We create a smooth transition between design and simulation. How to quickly determine whether an individual design can be implemented is frequently an unresolved problem in industry today. In most cases, CAD data only describes the outer surface and does not contain the volumetric information required for simulations. Generating these afterwards is highly prone to errors, usually requires manual reworking and costs the industry a lot of money.”

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