Formally Launches New Metal Deposition Head for 3D Printing, Repair & Cladding

Published by , July 14, 2017 11:57 am

(  Formalloy has released a metal deposition head. With the release of this head, Formalloy is uniquely positioned as a full-suite provider for laser metal deposition technology to include machines, machine components and services. The Formax head has been rigorously designed and tested using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) models and real world testing using Formalloy’s very own LMD machines. Durable materials are used to stand up to abusive environments and crashes, enabling use in the most demanding applications.
The Formax coaxial design provides excellent powder efficiency with liquid cooling for operation at power levels up to 4 kW. Various nozzle sizes are available to provide the optimum powder spot size for the given application.

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