EOS Supporting the Development of 3D-Printed Roboy the Humanoid Robot

Published by , February 17, 2017 12:48 pm

(TCTMagazine) EOS has announced its support of the Swiss society Devanthro and the Roboy project at the Technical University of Munich. Roboy is a 3D-printed humanoid robot, designed to mimic the human musculoskeletal system and replicate life-like human movement.
“While a large number of companies focussed on AI development, only a very small number of projects worldwide develop humanoid robotics,” said Dr Adrian Keppler, Chief Marketing Officer at EOS. “Therefore, we are all the more proud to support the renowned Roboy project and see its meaning. As the strengths of additive manufacturing lie in those areas where conventional manufacturing reaches its limitations, EOS’ technology is the ideal solution for a research project as ambitious as Roboy.”

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