Engineer Running in 3D-Printed Wiiv Sandals Finishes Boston Marathon in 02:59:36

Published by , April 20, 2018 1:45 pm

(WiivBlog) Wiivv engineer, Chris Bellamy finished the Boston Marathon with a final time of 02:59:36, after running the entire race in 3D-printed Wiivv Sandals. Bellamy said, “They were great at the beginning of the race, because everyone else was having to change shoes, and I could just walk through the mud in my sandals. Then when it rained, it just washed my feet off.”
Wiivv Sandals are made for the individual using foot measurements taken from the Wiivv app. Wiivv digitally maps the feet using more than 200 points to understand arch contours, foot length, width and volume, and toe spacing. They then 3D print a custom arch for each foot, place each toe thong to fit between the toes and adjust each strap to fit the indivual’s foot. These features, paired with the sandals’ deep contoured heel cup and triple-density foam footbed, work together to stabilize the foot, absorb shock, and promote an aligned heel strike, and allowing the wearer to move optimally from the ground up. The Sandals’ straps are also adjustable and interchangeable, so you can adjust strap tightness or color at any time.

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