DWS Systens & Formlabs in 3D-Printing Patent Fight

Published by , November 23, 2018 1:21 pm

(X-conomy) Italian 3D printing technology firm DWS Systems is suing Formlabs for infringing its stereolithography patent, marking the Somerville, MA-based company’s latest legal battle over the technology in its popular 3D printer models. Formlabs, an MIT Media Lab spinout founded in 2011, is no newcomer to patent litigation, having battled and settled cases with other competitors in recent years. In response, Formlabs co-founder and CEO Max Lobovsky says in a prepared statement the company “is committed to vigorously defending our position that we do not infringe any patent claims in this case.”
DWS first took Formlabs to court in January 2017 with a case in Italy claiming that Formlabs violated its European and Italian stereolithography patents. In August 2017, DWS filed similar suit against the Massachusetts company in Germany, and in December 2017 the company filed another suit against the company and a distributor in Turkey in the Istanbul Civil Court for Intellectual Property and Industrial Rights.

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