Dutch Creative Studio 3D-Prints Character Animation Loops for Happy Camper Band’s Songs

Published by , May 2, 2017 12:48 pm

(AnimationMagazine) Dutch creative studio Job, Joris & Marieke has completed a new project in collaboration with music and multimedia band Happy Camper. The band has recently come out with two new singles with more of an electropop influence, for which Job, Joris & Marieke have crafted a duo of mesmerizing character animation loops using 3D printing.
The animations and featured 3D prints are being exhibited for the next two months in the front room of Amsterdam music venue Paradiso. According to the studio statement: “Often support structures are used to print objects with overhanging parts. This means an object is supported by branch-like structures that are meant to be removed later on. In the loops we created we did not remove the the support structures from the characters. We kept them to symbolize the crutches and limitations that impede our daily lives… or the much-needed boost that helps us cope and persevere, a theme that repeatedly occurs in the new Happy Camper songs.”

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