Designing a Revitalized Downtown Detroit with 3D Printing

Published by , July 4, 2017 12:24 pm

(ZDNet) After undergoing the nation’s largest municipal bankruptcy, Detroit is experiencing something of a revival — even though it still has a long way to go. Olympia Entertainment has partnered with local design firm Zoyes Creative Group and Stratasys to help revamp a 50-block zone of downtown Detroit. The project illustrates the ways 3D printing is helping city planning to evolve, enabling planners to game out architectural and urban challenges.
The companies collaborated to build large-scale models of the project: An interactive, 10-by-10 foot scale model of the entire 50-block development, as well as a four square-foot scale model of the arena. A plan to build “District Detroit” complete with a new sports arena is Olympia’s vision for connecting midtown and downtown Detroit with new streets, utilities, landscaping, hotels and residential buildings, commercial space and entertainment venues. While large, the models spares no details, including even the 20,000 spectators that will fill the seats of the arena.

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