China’s Cosmetic Company Jala 3D Bioprinting ‘Asian Skin’ for Research on New Products

Published by , January 17, 2017 1:42 pm

( The Western cosmetics industry has fallen short in providing adequate options for those with non-white skin. The problem goes deeper than having an insufficient number of colors: different skin types all have different characteristics, making them react in different ways with certain cosmetics products.
A Chinese cosmetics company Jala has now perfected a 3D bioprinting technology that is capable of creating patches of synthetic “Asian skin,” made from human stem cells, that can be used to test cosmetic products. After carrying out 98 in-depth experiments over the course of five years, the Jala R&D department (led by Dr. Morgan Dos Santos) and French company LabSkin Creations were able to develop a unique 3D bioprinting process capable of fabricating 3D printed skin in vitro (outside of a human body). This skin, functioning just like the skin of an Asian cosmetics consumer, can be used to test the safety, effectiveness, and appearance of new products.

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